Washi tape is a rice paper tape that originated in Japan.  It is both pretty and versatile. I used it often in my card making, but now frequently use it in my Bible journaling to add interest or as a way to reinforce the page. I have occasionally used it to fix my broken pencils or to decorate an envelope.

Where to Buy Washi Tape?

You can buy washi tape at any craft store, such as Michaels, Joann, and Hobby Lobby. You may even be able to find it at the dollar store. Many shops sell it online as well. You can use our ministry affiliate link to support us with your purchase. Click here to take a peek at the wide variety available on Amazon.

Why Add Washi Tape to the Edges of Your Bible?

There are many reasons why you might want to add washi tape to the edges of your Bible.

  • Mark Your Progress: You can use washi tape to mark the progress of your reading. If you’re reading through the Bible chronologically, then you would mark Genesis first. You could mark Exodus after you finish reading Genesis. This helps you know exactly what chapter you are currently reading.
  • Create Interest: I’ve seen entire Bible journaling entries created with washi tape. They really are beautiful. I’ll usually add a little washi tape on the bottom or top of a page to add interest.
  • Bookmark a Page: Some people use washi tape as a bookmark, flag, or tag at the top of the page.

Anything you can do with a sticker, you can do with washi tape.

How to Apply Washi Tape to the Edge of Your Bible Page

Step 1: Measure your washi tape and mark the center. In the picture below, the center is 1 cm because the washi tape width is 2 cm.


Step 2: Using a ruler, measure 1cm from the edge of your page. If your washi tape is a different size, use the measurement from step 1. Draw a line down the page using your ruler.

washi tape

Step 3: Place a craft mat or other slick surface under the page you are taping. Then place the washi tape next to your pencil line or slightly to the right of it. You’ll want to erase the pencil lines later especially if you have a light colored washi tape. washi tape

Step 4: Run your washi tape completely off the page as shown in this picture.

washi tape

Step 5: Turn the page over and move your craft mat to the other side. Fold your washi tape over the page starting in the center and moving out towards the edge.washi tape

Step 6: You can see the edge of my Bible page in this photo. That makes it easy to trim the washi tape to match the Bible perfectly. If you can’t see the edge of your Bible page, use the next page as a guide as you trim.

washi tape

Here’s the result!

washi tape

Applying washi tape to your Bible is a matter of preference. As I always say, there is no right way to Bible journal. The right way is your way! As long as you spend time in Word and with God, that’s all that matters! What do you use washi tape for?

If you are new to Bible journaling, you might be interested in our free beginner’s course.  This 10-day course will help you get started with exactly what you need (hint: you probably already have it) and provides simple tips and tricks to get started.


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