Bible journaling on a budget. There, I’ve said it. The “B” word. But if you know me, this course was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve always been a frugal gal. I check the library first before I buy a book, use coupons, shop sales, and frequent thrift stores. It’s a fun hobby, but it didn’t used to be fun. It used to be the only way I could make ends meet.

When you have no income and are in the depths of a recession with and two little kids to feed, things can get scary pretty fast. My frugality (along with a solid partnership with the hubs) became a skill that helped my family keep our promises to lenders, feed ourselves, and climb out of debt one bill at a time.

Today I’m still frugal. Our family has a budget, and we stick to it. If there’s no money in my budget for a new art supply, I wait, and I save, even if the most awesome Bible journaling item hits the shelves. Budget is key! That’s why I created the Bible Journaling on a Budget course for the Flourish Bible Journaling conference. I hope you join the fun, by clicking here. Oh…and it’s Free (free is always in my budget).

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bible journaling on a budget

Bible Journaling on a Budget Course

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why Community Matters
  • How to Use What You Already Have
  • Budget Supplies
  • Items Worth Saving For
  • Best Places to Buy Supplies
  • The Pros and Cons of Digital vs. Physical Products
  • Free Resources
  • Stewardship

Free Bible Journaling on a Budget Resources

The resources that I shared during the course are here:

Bible journaling on a budget can be challenging, but it can also be a fun treasure hunt and perhaps will yield a few new friends to swap with. Whatever your budget is, make sure you have one and stick to it!

Exclusive Bonus for Bible Journaling Friends!

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