DaySpring is releasing a new Book of Luke Illustrating Bible and you can preorder it today! This variation of the Illustrating Bible is thinner and lighter because it’s only the Book of Luke! The Book of Luke will be in the NIV translation with larger font (12 point) with the same thick paper and spiral. It will also have a hard chipboard cover perfect for journaling on the go! The best part is the affordable price point at $24.99. To learn more about the new Illustrating Bible, please use our affiliate link here.

Another bonus feature for the Luke Illustrating Bible release is a set of downloadable printables with devotional and Bible journaling prompts.

The Luke Illustrating Bible will be released on November 1st and I hope to have a copy in hand by the end of October. But until then…here are a few pictures of what you get.

Luke Illustrating Bible Sneak Peek

Here are a few images that DaySpring sent me to share with you. You can see the difference between this new version and the previous larger version.

Luke Illustrated Bible Mock up
The Book of Luke Illustrating Bible comes in Navy
Luke Illustrated Bible vs. Illustrating Bible in Green
Here you can see the difference in font. The large Illustrating Bible is on the left and the new Luke Illustrating Bible is on the right. It’s 12 point font.
Luke Illustrated Bible width comparison
You can see how much thinner it is here as well as the chipboard cover.
Luke Illustrated Bible is one centimeter wide
The Luke Illustrating Bible is just over 1 centimeter in width.

Video Review

I got a chance to get my hands on an early copy of the Book of Luke. Here’s what I thought of it…

Free Bonus Printables

I love getting bonuses when I buy things. These bonuses are super cute!

free printables when you order
Here are the bonus printables!
free printables
Lots of fun ones to trace!
Beautiful downloadable for the Luke Illustrated Bible
Pretty colors will go great with the navy cover.
cute bonus printable
Some fun extras!

I’m excited to get my hands on an Illustrating Bible that’s a bit more portable. Thanks DaySpring for the new Book of Luke Illustrating Bible! Don’t forget to pre-order yours today. Here’s our affiliate link, and thank you for supporting our ministry with your order.


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