I’m excited to share the latest release in all things Bible Journaling: The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder. I was blessed to receive a copy at a book signing event that I attended a week ago here in Phoenix. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Here’s my review in video format. If you’d like to skim the highlights, scroll down.

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling Book Video Review

The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

The book is broken down into six sections:

Getting Started – This section provides the foundation for Bible journaling. It includes basic Complete Guide to Bible Journaling Book Review bonus sectioninformation that explains what Bible journaling is, how to begin, how to chose a Bible, Bible journaling layout, and so much more.

Tools and Techniques – This section includes techniques like tracing, watercolors, stamping, stenciling, colored pencils, acrylic paint, washi tape, lettering, stickers and die cuts. There’s even a section on how to prep your Page with gesso.

Artist’s Profiles – The artist’s profiles include artists who are really well known in Bible Journaling. From Shanna Noel to Rebekah Jones, this section includes it all. You’ll read their stories, see their work, and be inspired to create your own.

Gallery – The gallery section is a selection of curated pieces related to themes, such as Bible journaling outside of your Bible, Bible journaling with certain mediums like watercolors and pencils, as well as themes like Trust in the Lord. It also includes art styles like graphics and patterning. Complete Guide to Bible Journaling Stickers

Resources – The resources section is a collection of artists websites and social media sites. It includes a section about the author and illustrator as well. This section is perfect if you find an artist who has a  style that you’d like to learn more about.

Bonus Section – The bonus section is my FAVORITE section! It has so many stickers, tracebles, and vellum elements in it, which make the retail price of this book a steal. It even includes Bible tab stickers! Bible tabs alone cost $5-$8.

Of course, you can pre-order the book on Amazon today for under $15. Say whaaaaaaat? Yup. For the price of three sticker packs, you can get the entire book. You really can’t beat that!

My Review

If you haven’t gathered already, I love this book. It’s definitely a five-star book and I can tell you that it will make the perfect gift for someone who is just getting into Bible journaling. I can’t wait to start ripping out the bonus elements and putting them to good use in my Bible. Now…which Bible will be lucky enough? So many choices!

If you pick up a copy, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Oh and before I forget….to learn more about Joanne Fink, visit her Zenspirations website.  There’s also a website coming soon called Bible Journaling Jumpstart. When you stop by those sites tell the girls that Tracie said hi!


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